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Le Mas des Abeilles

Based in Provence in the heart of the natural park of Luberon Mountains we produce Pure Honey like, Lavender honey and select the best French honey we distribute and export worldwide.

Tastes, colours and smells of different single-varietal honeys are so unique that they can be compared to wine, tea or coffee in their complexity.

Our goal is to bring you this diversity of tastes and colours.

Come and discover real taste of honey at Mas des Abeilles.

Our products

We allow a very high importance to the quality of products and raw materials that we use.
A quality honey is harvested by blowing for cold extraction, it has to be not heated to speed up the extraction.
No additives are necessary for the production, the harvest, the extraction or the packing, honey is 100% natural and 100%... honey !

Miels Mas des Abeilles

Mas des Abeilles range

A full range of 10 honeys available in 250g and 400g , but also honey confectionery "Mas des Abeilles"; our traditional range.